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glee funny
 Summary: The  rangers  find  out  about  Antonio  and  Jayden.
Disclaimer: I  own  nothing. This  is  fiction.


"Come  on  Kevin. We're  going  to  be  late  for  the  movie!"

"I'm  ready!"  

Kevin  walked  out  of  his  room, pulling  on  his  jacket. He  wrapped  an  arm  around  Mia's  waist  and  they  hurried  to  catch  up  with  Mike  and  Emily.

"Finally  man. Why  do  you  take  longer  than  the  girls  to  get  ready?"

"Because  this  is  a  double  date. I  have  to  look  good."

Emily  and  Mike  laughed. Kevin  always  took  ages  to  get  ready, often  leaving  Mia  waiting  for  him. On  the  other  hand, Mike  took  about  five  minutes  to  get  ready  and  was  always  waiting  on  Emily.

"Hey, where's  Jayden  and  Antonio?"

"Oh, I  think  Antonio  needed  help  with  some  moves  and  asked  Jayden. Said  they  were  going  to  practice  on  the  waterfront."

"Oh. Antonio  is  really  coming  along."

"I  know. It's  gotta  be  all  the  training  that  Jayden  is  giving  him."

"Yeah. Hey  Kevin. He'll  be  better  than  you  soon."

Kevin  scowled  at  Mike. While  Antonio  and  he  were  getting  along  better  now, Kevin  was  still  annoyed  by  the  tech  samurai  at  times.

"He's  only  been  training  for  seven  months. It  will  take  a  while  for  him  to  catch  up  to  us."

"Whatever. We're  going  to  be  late  for  the  movie. What  are  we  seeing?"


Emily  shivered, clutching  at  Mike's  arm.

"It  is  meant  to  be  awesome  scary."

Mia  took  pity  on  her  younger  friend.

"Don't  worry  Emily. We  can  always  leave  the  cinema  if  it  gets  too  bad."

"She's  right  Em. I'll  look  after  you."

Emily  grinned  at  her  boyfriend  and  grabbed  his  hand, pulling  him  out  the  gate.

"Then  we'd  better  get  there  so  we  can  get  the  popcorn  and  candy  before  it's  all  gone."

"Antonio, aren't  we  meant  to  be  training?"
"We  did  train  querida."
"For  an  hour."
"That's  enough. Look, you  said  it  yourself  that  I  know  what  I'm  doing  and  that  I'm  good. So  I  only  need  a  little  bit  of  extra  training."
"Ok, you  have  me  there. But  what  are  you  doing?"
Antonio  winked  at  his  smiling  boyfriend  and  reached  into  the  basket, puling  out  a  blanket.
"A  picnic?"
"Yep. Look  Jayden, you  need  to  relax. And  what's  better  than  a  nice, romantic, candlelit  picnic  on  the  waterfront  with  the  man  you  love?"
Jayden  had  to  agree. He  also  had  to  laugh  as  Antonio  fought  a  losing  battle  with  the  blanket. He  grabbed  the  blanket  from  Antonio, pressing  a  kiss  to  his  lips.
"Let  me  help."
He  laid  the  blanket  on  the  ground  and  smoothed  it  out  as  Antonio  took  tealight  candles  out  of  the  basket, setting  them  around  the  blanket. He  reached  in  again, taking  out  rosé  wine  and  grilled  salmon  with  roast  potato.
"What  kind  of  picnic  is  this?"
"The  best  kind  querida. A  romantic  picnic  between  two  people  who  love  each  other."
Antonio  held  his  hand  out  to  Jayden, pulling  the  younger  man  down  beside  him, wrapping  an  arm  around  his  waist.
"Now, why  don't  we  open  this  wine, eat  our  food  and  watch  the  sunset?"

Jayden  shook  his  head  and  smiled  at  his  lover. Antonio  could  be  so  romantic  sometimes.
"Ok. We  have  trained  enough. It's  time  to  relax."
With  a  quick  kiss  to  Jayden's  cheek, Antonio  opened  the  wine  and  served  the  food.
"Wow. That  was  one  scary  movie."
"My  favorite  part  was  when  Mike  screamed  and  hid  behind  Emily's  shoulder."
"Shut  up  Kevin."
The  green  ranger  would  admit  to  being  scared  by  that  movie. Emily, on  the  other  hand, loved  it  and  wanted  to  see  it  again. She  would  be  going  without  Mike.
"Hey, I  wonder  if  Jayden  and  Antonio  are  still  training?"
"Maybe. The  film  only  lasted  around  an  hour  and  a  half."
"Why  don't  we  go  to  the  waterfront  and  check."
"Good  idea  Mia.  Mike, Emily, come  on! We're  going  to  the  waterfront."
Twenty  minutes  later, the  four  samurai  were  walking  along  the  waterfront, searching  for  their  friends. Emily  shivered  and  moved  closer  to  Mike.
"Guys, they're  not  here. Please, can  we  just  go  home?"
"Emily's  right. Come  on. Let's  go  home."
Kevin  sighed  and  turned  to  walk  home. He  cried  out  when  Mia  pulled  him  back.
"There  are  lights  up  there. Let's  check  them  out."
"Fine. But  then  we  go  home."
Five  minutes  later  and  the  rangers  were  speechless.
"Is  that  Antonio  and  Jayden?"
Kevin  nodded, too  shocked  to  speak. The  red  and  gold  were  ranger  were  still  on  the  waterfront, sitting  on  a  blanket, surrounded  by  candles. As  their  friends  watched, Antonio  wrapped  his  arms  around  Jayden's  waist  and  pressed  kisses  to  his  neck. The  red  rangers  tilted  his  head  back, laughing  lightly. He  gently  tugged  Antonio  up  by  the  hair  and  peppered  kisses  over  his  face, eventually  reaching  his  lips. As  it  grew  more  passionate  and  Antonio  pushed  Jayden  down  onto  the  blanket, Kevin  turned  away.
"Come  on. Let's  get  home."
Antonio  and  Jayden  let  themselves  into  the  dojo  silently.
"Have  fun  training?"
"Kevin! You  frightened  us. What  are  you  doing  up?"
"Sorry  about  that. Anyway, how  was  training?"
Jayden  stared  at  Kevin. The  blue  ranger  looked  odd. The  rest  of  the  team  were  sitting  in  the  living  area, with  the  same  scared, curious  look  on  their  faces. Jayden  figured  it  out.
"Oh  my  God. You  saw  us  on  the  waterfront."
Antonio  nearly  dropped  the  basket, horrified.
"You...saw  us?"
Emily  finally  lost  it  and  grabbed  the  two  men, pulling  them  into  a  hug.
"You  two  are  so  adorable. Why  didn't  you  tell  us  sooner?"
She  pulled  them  into  the  living  area  and  they  sat  opposite  the  rest  of  the  team. Emily  and  Mia  looked  excited  and  happy  for  their  friends. Kevin  and  Mike  looked  a  bit  freaked  out, but  still, happy  that  their  friends  had  someone.
"We  haven't  told  anyone. We  were  afraid  of  what  Ji  will  say."
"Why? I  mean  he  likes  you  now  Antonio. You're  a  part  of  the  team."
"Mike  please. You  still  haven't  told  him  about  you  and  Emily. And  Kevin, you  still  have  to  tell  him  about  you  and  Mia. So  you  can  not  judge  us."
"We're  sorry  Antonio. But  why  haven't  you  told  us? I  mean, we  don't  care. We're  your  friends."
"We  know. But, this  is  new  for  Jayden  and  me. We  were  childhood  friends. When  I  came  back  seven months, there  was  something  there  and  we  noticed  it. So  I  asked  him  for  those  lessons  and  we  got  closer."
"And  after  a  month, Antonio  asked  me  out. So  we  train  for  about  an  hour, maybe  more, and  then  we  go  on  dates."
"Like  tonight  was  our  six  month  anniversary, so  I  made  my  querida  a  special  picnic  and  we  watched  the  sun  set."
Mia  and  Emily  smiled  as  Jayden  blushed  at  Antonio's  sweet  words, entwining  his  fingers  with  the  gold  rangers.
"So, will  you  ever  tell  Ji?"
The  red  and  gold  ranger  looked  at  each  other, having  a  silent  conversation  with  their  eyes. Jayden  answered.
"Maybe, when  this  is  all  over. Guys, it's  late. We  have  training  tomorrow  and  we  never  know  when  the  nighlocks  will  attack. Goodnight."
Murmuring  their  goodnights, the  rangers  headed  to  their  rooms. Kevin nA was  the  Last  to  go. As  he  opened  his  door, he  looked  back  at  his  two  friends. Antonio  and  Jayden  walked  to  the  red  rangers  room, hand  in  hand. As  the  blue  ranger  watched, Antonio  whispered  something  to  Jayden  that  made  him  laugh  and  blush. Antonio  kissed  his  lover  on  the  lips  and  as  Kevin  closed  his  door  behind  him, he  heard  their  parting  words  clearly.
"I  love  you  Jayden."
"I  love  you  too  Antonio."

As  far  as  discoveries  went, this  was  one  of  Kevin's  favourites  and  Kevin  would  hide  it  as  long  as  his  friends  needed. What  else  were  friends  for?
A/N  Done. R&R  please. My  first  Samurai  story, so  I  hope  I  got  the  characters  right :D


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That was cute. Nicely done.

Aww, this was adorable. Well done!

Glad you liked it. Thanks for reading :D

i love u ~hugz it was so sqweeee~

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